Cinemapp Ticket Finder


Location based

Present visitors relevant and nearby showtime information within seconds.


Send visitors directly to theater checkout pages. (Available for selected theaters.)

Custom design

Design matches to the look and feel of the movie. Customize colors, backgrounds, logo’s and more.


Tailor-made for all mobile devices, works great on desktops and tablets.

Metrics & tracking

Measure visitors, their behaviour and other key metrics. Track referral sources, traffic, location-info and engagement in real-time.

SEO optimized

Ensure users find appropriate ticket info. Use custom Google Webmaster tools for ideal search engine optimization.

Trailers & other info

Enrich visitors with relevant info for preparing the ultimate theater visit. Provide trailers, synopsis, cast and more with a user-friendly experience.

100% theater coverage

Containing up-to-date showtime info for all theaters in the BeNeLux including deep-linking for all theaters with online tickets available.


Available in Dutch, French, German & English. Automatically adapts to the users locale.


Happy Clients

20The Century Fox Belgium Warner Bros Belgium

Many more following soon...